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Monday, 8 November, 2010

Hodie paululum legens librum De Bello Gallico C.I.Caesaris, inveni in prooemio anglice scripto in quo dicebatur planissime:

The study of Greek and Roman literature is usually considered an indispensable branch of a liberal education. by offering to the young the contemplation of great minds, as reflected in the works of the classic authors of antiquity, it extends the range of ideas, and becomes a species of intellectual training, which, though differing from, is not inferior to, that imparted by the study of the exact sciences. Besides these advantages, an acquaintance with the languages of ancient Greece and Rome is desirable, on account of the extent to which they enter into the formation of our own and other European tongues, as well as into the constuction of all scientific nomenclature.

Latterly, a disposition has been manifested to undervalue classical attainments, but this me be safely ascribed less to the demands made by other branches of learning, than to the manner in which Greek and Latin have usually been imparted. Everything may be carried to excess; and it cannot be doubted that the practice of teaching these languages as mere verbal acquirements, to the exclusion of things more directly available in active life, has done incalculable damage to the principles of a liberal education. To restore the Classics to their proper place, all that seems necessary is, to make them a part, not the whole, of school instruction ; thus allowing time and opportunity for acquiring the elements of those arts and sciences without which any system of modern tuition would be faulty and incomplete. To aid this desirable object, it appears to us that nothing is more wanted than an improved series of school-books, by which the study may be facilitated, and rendered attractive, instead of an object of aversion, as heretofore, to learners. An effort must be made to help pupils over difficulties which unduly retard their progress, and unnecessarily consume their time.

Ut puto, vos omnes latinistae intellegitis anglice (et multi indubitate linguam eandem maternam habetis). Iam vere dicebant de rebus studii linguarum classicarum, immo ab anno 1886!

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  1. Tuesday, 9 November, 2010 6:58 pm

    Bona quidem inuentio, quamuis barbarice scripta!

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